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Screen Printing Birmingham

Screen Printing Birmingham:


Screen Printing has the best durability, of all the garment decoration methods.


Screen printing inks particularly Plastisol have high opacity, and are vibrant even on dark garments.


Screen Printing is very versatile, it can be applied to a large array of garment types, unlike other methods.


Unlike most garment decoration methods, large volumes can be produced in a small amount of time, the price also reduces with volume.


With Screen Printing, speciality inks can be used to create some outstanding effects, such as neon colours, metallic inks, Glow in the dark and cracking effects etc.

Screen Printing Techniques:

  • SPOT COLOURS – Spot colours as the name suggests, are true solid colours, that do not involve any gradients or tones. Spot colours therefore produce a very bright and vibrant solid colour. Spot colours are great for logos, and designs that do not have a great number of colours in the design.
  •  HALF-TONE PRINTING – Half-tone printing is used in images that have gradients and tones, or are more photographic in nature. With half-tone printing you can print a graphic, or multi-colour look in a limited amount of colours. They can produce the impression of multiple colours, and gradients in only one or few ink colours, therefore saving the expense of multiple screens. Half-tone printing uses small dots to produce different gradients.
  •  CMYK PRINTING – CMYK Printing or four colour process printing, is a great way to produce full colour prints in a limited number of screens. With just four ink colours cyan, magenta, yellow and black we can create designs with many colours. A good way of envisioning CMYK printing is to think of a desktop printer. It does not have hundreds or thousands of different ink cartridges for every possible colour. Rather it has four ink cartridges CMYK, and can therefore print many colours. Much like a desktop printer, CMYK screen printing will only show on white paper, or for the purpose of our analogy, white garments. You could not put a black piece of paper and expect to see the image, likewise for CMYK screen printing. This is because the inks used are not very opaque as they need to mix together. These specially formulated inks also do not adhere well to a white under-base.  We therefore only recommend CMYK screen printing for white and light coloured garments.

Screen printing Birmingham is the most traditional garment printing method, but still considered the best due to its durability, versatility, and colour vibrancy.

With screen printing Birmingham, speciality inks can be used, such as Metallic, Neons, Glow in the dark and cracking inks are just a few of the wide array of inks that are available.

Screen printing is particularly suited for larger orders, as production is cheaper than any other garment decoration method, once initial set-up costs have been accounted for. This is due to low ink costs, and quick turnaround time.

Screen Printing, is best suited to artwork with spot colours, as a pose to photographs and gradient images, although this is possible and feasible particularly for larger order, with advanced printing methods such as halftones, simulated process, and four colour CMYK printing.

Generally we recommend with screen printing that you keep your colours to a minimum, it is worth noting that some truly fantastic designs can be produced with minimal colours. We recommend minimal colours due to the fact that a separate screen needs to be created, for each colour in the design, so the fewer colours in your design, the less it costs to print.

Here at Birmingham T-shirt Printing, we use professional M&R Screen printing equipment, which ensures that your garments are perfectly registered. We believe in quality, and the equipment we use is no exception.

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