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DTG Printing

Direct To Garment Printing or DTG for short, is a relatively new garment printing process. The majority of printing that Birmingham T-Shirt printing produces is Screen Printing.  This is due to high retail quality that screen printing produces and relatively low ink costs, particularly on larger orders.

However some orders are best suited for DTG Printing. Notable orders that are photographic in nature, or have a high number of colours in the design or logo. DTG is also ideal for short runs as minimal set-up costs occur, compared to screen printing.

Dtg printing has come along way over the few short years, and are now capable of producing full colour prints in high quality on light and dark garments. Our DTG garments are printed on the Kornit Breeze DTG Printer, Kornit is widely considered the best DTG garment manufacture, and is why we choose to use it.

The main drawback with DTG and why it is not suitable for every print run is the higher ink costs. The production pricing is stable whether you want 5 t-shirts or 1000. We therefore offer very few prices for DTG Printing, and is priced on the number of print placements.

However if you want a short run, particularly high number of colours, DTG is very economical. This is because no set-up costs occur. For screen printing we charge £15 to set-up per colour. With DTG printing no set-up cost occur, so for short runs of many colours DTG printing is the obvious choice.

 Digital Transfer

Digital transfers are ideal for multi-colour designs, particularly for low volume orders and one off events. Digital transfers are full colour pictures graphics or logos. Basically anything that can be printed on a printer on paper, can be printed on to heat transfer paper. We use a brand that is more expensive than some other t-shirt companies, but we feel that it is worth the extra, as it does not wash out or fade when washed. We also use specially formulated pigment inks that do not wash out. We then press these designs onto the garment using an industrial heat press, not a hand iron or cheap press. Rest assured your garments and transfers will be of superior quality.


Eco Solvent Transfers

Eco Solvent transfers use eco-friendly inks, laboratory tested to guarantee quality and safety, ensuring that designs for baby wear and children’s wear are completely non toxic. Solvent transfers are printed using a large format printer, therefore large volumes can be produced, and can therefore be applied to a large array of garments in an unlimited number of colours. They offer high quality and are ideal for difficult print locations and fabrics that DTG printing struggles with.

Please note that we currently have a minimum of 5 pieces per garment on Eco Solvent Transfers.comp_cutter

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